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College Counseling: We've been aiding students and families in the college application and admissions process since 2012. This includes working with students and families one-on-one to cull a list of colleges of interest, advising students with high school course selection, providing workshops and seminars on everything related to the college process (including assistance with financial aid & finding scholarships), and preparing students for AP and SAT exams. We visit 12-18 college campuses a year, often with our students, and meet and speak with Admissions Deans and Reps repeatedly throughout each application cycle. 

What parents are saying about Access Success's College Counseling Services:

Our family cannot say enough great things about Francesca and Access Success. Not only did the classes provide valuable information, but individual sessions have been incredibly helpful. She has been an amazing resource for all things college-related and has been beyond supportive and responsive. Our two very different kids both appreciate how she has found that balance with being able to relate to them while still being straightforward and not "sugar-coating" things. We highly recommend using her services for any and all stages of the college admissions process! - Dawna L. (Winter 2019)

The whole college process is fraught with people waiting to prey on your fears/insecurities and sell you information that benefits -- not you as a student/family, but their bottom line. And so, we looked at counseling services with hesitation. Yet, having heard so many positive things regarding Francesca from so many friends...we gave it a shot, and are SO glad we did. She clearly loves young people, and giving them their best shot. She doesn't pretend to have a magic formula, or gimmick, just lots (and lots and lots) of good, solid, tips and advice. No replacement for "doing your homework" -- just the direction needed to ensure that -- if your kiddo puts in the work (and mom and dad, too) -- it will be worth it. We went in very well-informed and still had TONS to learn. We'll be back! - Christi K. (Winter 2018)

Such a great resource for high school students! Francesca has helped us navigate the college admissions process with our two boys. From individualized advice to essay help, she makes the complicated and overwhelming process manageable. - Karen M. (Summer 2018)

What students & parents are saying about Access Success's classes:

Taking a class with Francesca really made me have much more confidence in myself and my writing. She makes you reach out of your comfort zone and do things you would have never thought possible. Francesca made me believe in myself even if I didn't. It is a privilege to take a class with her. Being in her classes over the years has really made me grow into a different person. She is caring and always makes sure to look after each and every student. She is a wonderful teacher, as well as mentor. I am honored to have been taught by her. - Maddy S. (Winter 2019)

​As a homeschool parent of a high school aged daughter, having Francesca in my corner has been nothing short of a blessing. Francesca’s combination of creativity and high skill level in teaching, along with her compassion and flexibility for her students is a rarity found in today’s world.  - Laurie S. (Winter 2019)

​Thank you so much ... for your work this year.  Scarlett enjoyed your class so much and I am delighted for her that it was an environment that allowed her to feel so much more confident in her abilities.  She really needed a success and I thank you for a supportive but rigorous opportunity through which to discover - and believe in! - her strengths. - Amy C. (Spring 2018)

Academics: We offer and/or host a variety of high school classes for homeschoolers and those looking for alternative educational models. These classes include AP Englishes, Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry, Precalc, and Life Sciences. Our signature cross-curricular classes offer multiple credits in a single class and are convenient for those who have a distance to travel as these classes are offered in 3-hour blocks just once a week. We also offer academic cross-curricular enrichment for children in grades K-2 and grades 3-6 and tutoring services to all students in grades K-12 in most subjects.