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Francesca is very knowledgeable and thorough! She’s given us lots of valuable information on the college process, timing, high school course selection, standardized testing, financial aid, applications, tours...the list goes on! Invest in your student with a meeting with Francesca! - Gina L.

We went to Francesca Morrissey's college workshop today. Not knowing what to expect, we found it to be informative, fun and very educational. Francesca is very knowledgeable about the college admissions process and is willing to share and help families with the daunting process. Thank you Francesca! - Kathy F.

I hired Francesca to help my daughter polish her college application essay. In 30 minutes she gave my daughter excellent guidance on choosing a prompt and helped her refine her ideas. Francesca was excellent at following up and reviewed and returned the essay within 2 hours (on a weekend!) We are very grateful for her help. - Robin D. (Colorado)

My daughter worked with Francesca at her first session reviewing the SAT sections having to do with grammar, usage and punctuation. Francesca helped her identify areas of strength and of weakness to make the best use of their time together in the future. My daughter was truly excited to prepare for the test and really connected with Francesca...she loved her positive energy, sense of humor and competence in teaching! - Gina W.

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I was pleasantly surprised by the essay that resulted from today's session. Not at all what I expected but well done. Thank you! - Cait F.

Francesca has been an invaluable resource, both as a teacher and an advisor. My kids have loved her classes. Although we are still in the beginning stages of the college admissions process, her knowledge and experience has been very helpful. - Kim E.

Francesca is a wealth of knowledge regarding anything related to college admissions. I have attended several of her workshops and have always come away having learned valuable information. She has gone through the process with her own children, and keeps up with changes in order to be able to provide up to date and accurate information. She is always willing to answer questions and quickly responds to emails. I wholeheartedly recommend her services. - Nicole S.

Such a great resource for high school students! Francesca has helped us navigate the college admissions process with our two boys. From individualized advice to essay help, she makes the complicated and overwhelming process manageable. - Karen M.

I have attended Francesca's sessions on the college admissions process, financial aid and scholarships and they were incredibly informative and helpful. I give five stars to each and every one. My daughter attended the essay writing workshop which she highly recommends. Francesca's teaching style is amazing. My daughter instantly felt at ease and she gained the tools needed to begin writing an essay that has the potential to really stand out from the crowd. We also have had a one on one meeting with Francesca where we reviewed all the specifics about my daughter (gpa, rigor of classes, test scores, awards, content of resume, types of schools she was interested in, etc.). I can't say enough about how eye opening and valuable this was. We walked out with not only a realistic list of "dream", "reach", "likely" and "safety" schools but also a concrete plan of action of how to make it all happen. If you have a high school student who plans to attend college do yourself a favor and get in touch with Francesca. You and your child will be so glad you did. She is passionate about what she does and absolutely knows her stuff. - Dianne L.

The whole college process is fraught with people waiting to prey on your fears/insecurities and sell you information that benefits -- not you as a student/family, but their bottom line. And so, we looked at counseling services with hesitation. Yet, having heard so many positive things regarding Francesca from so many friends...we gave it a shot, and are SO glad we did. She clearly loves young people, and giving them their best shot. She doesn't pretend to have a magic formula, or gimmick, just lots (and lots and lots) of good, solid, tips and advice. No replacement for "doing your homework" -- just the direction needed to ensure that -- if your kiddo puts in the work (and mom and dad, too) -- it will be worth it. We went in very well-informed and still had TONS to learn. We'll be back! - Christi K.

​I can not begin to say how thankful we are to Francesca for her help with our son’s college application process. We attended classes about scholarships and the financial aid process which were very informative. My son also attended a seminar on college essay writing which he found extremely helpful. 
We then chose some one on one time for some additional help to fine tune his essay. Our applications are now out and he has already heard back from several schools...and has been accepted to every one so far!
We truly feel we could not have done this without Francesca’s help. - Pam A.

Francesca is a powerful wordsmith and guided my son into making his writing more concise and descriptive. She's fabulous at being able to make an essay fit within the allowable words. He found her support very helpful. - Candace C. (Colorado)

Very helpful, I learned a lot about the college we visited and about choosing a college and getting in. I had a wonderful trip and a great experience. - Jessica B.

Francesca will help calm all your college application fears! Don’t wait till junior year for advice. She offers a wealth of knowledge and experience. - Elizabeth P.

I cannot say enough about Francesca Morrissey and how she has helped to guide us through the college admissions process. She is incredibly knowledgeable, spending many weekends visiting colleges and chatting with admissions officers. I credit her with much of Shea's success getting into her #2 choice with a full ride. Campbell is now well on her way and Tucker is up next. SAT prep, college essay assistance, college application work ... Francesca is there every step of the way and her prices are very affordable, particularly when you consider how much a good counselor saves you in tuition! - Lockey C.

Francesca helped me with my English essay that I was working on as part of my college application. She is very patient, knowledgeable and detail oriented. I would highly recommend her as an English tutor. - Hesam S. (Florida)

We got Francesca's help as an AP Lit tutor for our son initially. Francesca is very knowledgeable, experienced, responsible and always responds promptly, within hours. My son is much more confident now with Francesca's help. Francesca also provided very valuable advice regarding college applications/essays for my son. We feel very comfortable communicating with Francesca and always get satisfied answers/solutions for whatever questions we have. Francesca is more like a wise friend to us and we wish we had known about her earlier in the process. We definitely recommend Francesca to anyone without any reservation! - Ning C. (California)

Francesca edited and revised my son's college essays. Her work was quick and it greatly improved his writing. She also offered suggestions on how to focus his topic when my son had difficulty. I would highly recommended Francesca. - Victoria B. (Texas)

Francesca has worked with my daughter for preparing SAT essay writing. Francesca is very knowledgeable, experienced and friendly. She is very responsive to my questions. She explained to me in detail how she would help my daughter to understand the prompt, and write a well-crafted essay. My daughter really enjoyed every lesson. For the last lesson, Francesca also worked with her on some sample writing section questions, which was very helpful. Francesca also pointed out my daughter’s weaknesses and made recommendations to mitigate them. We will definitely ask for her advice when it is time to write essays for college applications. - Siqi L.

My daughter and I met with Francesca to go over the college application process. As a homeschool parent and first time college applicant, she thoroughly went over every step, reviewed her transcript and advised accordingly. She was a great help and I highly recommend her services. - Kristen W.

Francesca reviewed my college essays and provided the most valuable input within a short period of time. Impressive work! I would highly recommend her services. - Ruslan M.

Francesca is an absolute expert in her field. She has an amazing ability to quickly access her students needs and learning style. She provides guidance with thoughtful candor, patience and professionalism. Her dedication to her students is second to none! She has an amazing ability to connect with the student personally, build trust and makes herself available to fit the students busy schedule and tight deadlines. -Diane O. (Illinois)