​​​​Summer College Admissions Boot Camp:

My son had an extremely beneficial experience with the Access Success Boot Camp. He has a clear direction for his college application process and completed the majority of what he needed to do during this boot camp time. Francesca is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. I highly recommend this boot camp to anyone applying to college! - Jen L. (Summer 2023)

Our daughter just finished the Boot Camp and we felt it did a great job of getting her through a lot of the "grunt work" of filling out the main parts of the Common Appilication as well as the particular questions from each school on her list. She also got through many of the supplemental Common App essays and has a good idea of the topic she'll be writing about in her main Common App essay. Francesca went through her list of schools to make sure it was balanced with “reach”, “target” and “safety” schools, it was very helpful to have another set of eyes take a look at her list. She also suggested a few other schools for us to consider and familiarized our daughter with the Naviance and FastWeb websites. All in all we’re all very pleased with the Boot Camp and would highly recommend it to families who are in the process of applying for college. - Mike O. (Summer 2023)

Thank you so much for all of your help.  [My daughter] was so motivated to go see you, and I am so thankful for all that she was able to accomplish with you.  I am sure she will be in contact soon to finish up.  You are such a great resource, and I hope you don't mind me sharing your information to friends. - Xinia N. (Summer 2023)

My son ... is a rising senior. He took the College Admissions Boot Camp through Access Success and shared with us what a worthwhile two days it was - pretty amazing statement for a kid to say, especially after learning he would spend two days of his summer vacation in a workshop! With Francesca’s guidance, [my son] was able to accomplish so much. Some of what they did included, entering the schools he is applying for into the Common App, as well as Naviance. He also began the process of writing his supplemental essays, and much more. The college application process can be a stressful time for both students and parents. It is such a relief to have a program like this, to help alleviate some of the pressure and the tasks that are involved. Francesca makes it clear to the students that she is there for them, not just for the two days of Boot Camp, but whenever they have a question. - Valerie W. (Summer 2023)

[My son] came home very excited and ready to talk about the process. Before your session it was tough to get him to do any prep work and I didn't know where to start. So glad we found this boot camp! - Meredith O. (Summer 2023)

[My daughter] has shared [that] she feels better prepared now that she has a good list [of colleges] to start with. She feels much more comfortable with the application process as a result of your support. I know she plans to be in touch for feedback on her essays. Thank you for all you have done to get her started. - Jenn R. (Summer 2023)

I spoke to [my son] yesterday at the conclusion of the bootcamp and he was oozing with enthusiasm. Thank you so much for starting him on this college path and your continued support through the essay process. You made a huge impression on [him] and he is motivated to continue what you started. - Lori C. (Summer 2023)

Thank you for all of your wok with [our son]. He was really excited to have so much completed today.... I am glad [he] has a clear idea of what he needs to do to complete the process and your support going forward. He already said he would be reaching out to you for proof reading! - Julie V. (Fall 2022)

I wanted to let you know that we were very happy with College Bootcamp and appreciate all of the advice that you gave [our son].  We are especially thankful for your recommendation that he take calculus.  He contacted his guidance counselor and luckily, they had one seat available.  At one of the colleges [we recently visited], calculus was noted as a prerequisite for applying to the business program.  If you hadn't mentioned it, he would have been out of luck. - Rebecca M. (Fall 2022)

Thank you so much for all your help! I just checked out your revisions [to my essays] and I love them! They look great and I am actually so happy with how everything turned out! You are a lifesaver and I seriously don't think I could have gotten it done without your help! I will keep you posted on the schools I get into, and will keep in touch! - Francesca S. (Fall 2021)

Thank you so much for everything you have done and continue to do with [our daughter] as part of the boot camp. The advice you offered [her] on expanding her list and focusing on programming instead of strictly location has made such a difference. We have now visited two schools that you suggested, Colby College and the University of New Hampshire. She was initially reluctant, but after our visits, she was very impressed with both programs. She had low expectations since UNH is a safety school for her, but she said she would be excited to go there. I have been telling everyone about the great services you provide right here in New Milford. - Jennifer G. (Summer 2021)

I wanted to send a big thank you for the Boot Camp [our daughter] attended. She came home and told me she is the most prepared of all her friends! She feels very prepared and in a good place with [her] applications.... She is very motivated and has been working on her essays.… She has made this process quite easy for her parents. - Meredith J. (Summer 2021)

Just wanted to say thank you for the summary [of what was accomplished] and the fantastic help provided during boot camp.  [My son] is thrilled and very motivated, I couldn’t be happier.  - Ray M. (Summer 2021)

Thank you so much for your guidance with [our children]. They came back each day enthused and excited to share what they had accomplished. Both were very chatty about what they had learned and were researching additional colleges. This was nice to see!  - Dave C. (Summer 2021)

our Initial College Consultations:

Thank you very much for all the information you gave us to think about yesterday. We feel like we have a plan of action on what to do next now which is super helpful. - Lynette R. (Summer 2019)

I wanted to reach out and thank you so much for the time you spent with us yesterday. It was jam-packed with such helpful information. I know my husband and I walked out of your office at ease. It was also extremely helpful for our daughter also. I felt you gave her the guidance to keep doing what she’s doing and she will hopefully be able to reach her goals. - Adele S. (Winter 2019)

​​​​Francesca is very knowledgeable and thorough! She’s given us lots of valuable information on the college process, timing, high school course selection, standardized testing, financial aid, applications, tours...the list goes on! Invest in your student with a meeting with Francesca! - Gina L. (Winter 2017)

​​​​The whole college process is fraught with people waiting to prey on your fears/insecurities and sell you information that benefits -- not you as a student/family, but their bottom line. And so, we looked at counseling services with hesitation. Yet, having heard so many positive things regarding Francesca from so many friends...we gave it a shot, and are SO glad we did. She clearly loves young people, and giving them their best shot. She doesn't pretend to have a magic formula, or gimmick, just lots (and lots and lots) of good, solid, tips and advice. No replacement for "doing your homework" -- just the direction needed to ensure that -- if your kiddo puts in the work (and mom and dad, too) -- it will be worth it. We went in very well-informed and still had TONS to learn. We'll be back! - Christi K. (Winter 2017)


​​our help with Writing Application Essays & Supplements:

[Our daughter] said that you were so nice and very helpful. She appreciates the time that you spent with her this afternoon and felt very positive when she came home.... Thank you so much for your help. You are a tremendous resource, extremely knowledgeable, and we really appreciate you! - Erin B. (Summer 2022)

I am writing to you to thank you for the incredibly helpful advice and thoughtful revisions you have offered me through my college essay and Common App processes. Without this assistance, I doubt that either my Common App or my essay would be in the shape they are today. Because of your careful review, I am confident in my chance of being admitted to the schools I have applied to. Again, many thanks.... Natalie L. (Fall 2020) 

Thank you for being such a big help to our son on completing his common application. You truly are a gifted teacher/motivator! I am especially appreciative that you made so much effort to accommodate us at the last minute.  - Marie C. (Fall 2020)

I was pleasantly surprised by the essay that resulted from today's session. Not at all what I expected, but well done. Thank you! - Cait F. (Fall 2018)

the How to Negotiate Financial Aid Seminar:

Thank you again for ALL your help! We gained easily $20,000 from Seton Hall because of your guidance. - Marianne T. (Spring 2023)

Just a quick update.... I believe that [my daughter] told you that she is going to Trinity.  She ended up applying Early Decision.  She ended up with a $100,000 merit scholarship ($25,000 each year).  After numerous appeals, she received $7,000 in grants which are renewable each year.  I may give it one more try for some additional money.  [My other daughter] got into Marist and received a $40,000 merit scholarship ($10,000 each year).  After our first appeal to Marist, they awarded $10,000  in grants which are also renewable each year.  As we get closer to May 1st, I plan to try to get more aid from them.... Your seminar on negotiating financial aid was a big help, and I think that we were successful in getting what we received based on what I learned in your class.  - Len L. (Winter 2021)

Just wanted to give you an update. We were very successful [in our financial aid negotiation]!  We emailed the same letter to both Brown and Duke. Brown got back to us in four days with an increase of $2,200.... Duke asked for documentation of our outstanding bills and expenses [related to the care we provide to our extended family]. We emailed those to them and within hours they got back to us and they gave our son another $8,420 in grant money....  Needless to say, we are very happy! Thank you so much for all of your help! - Karen K. (Winter 2019)

our homeschool high school classes & tutoring services:

Francesca teaches with incredible energy and humor. I couldn’t ask for a better teacher! - Lily S. (Winter 2019)

As a homeschool parent of a high school aged daughter, having Francesca in my corner has been nothing short of a blessing. Francesca’s combination of creativity and high skill level in teaching, along with her compassion and flexibility for her students is a rarity found in today’s world. - Laurie S. (Winter 2019)

Taking a class with Francesca really made me have much more confidence in myself and my writing. She makes you reach out of your comfort zone and do things you would have never thought possible. Francesca made me believe in myself even if I didn't. It is a privilege to take a class with her. Being in her classes over the years has really made me grow into a different person. She is caring and always makes sure to look after each and every student. She is a wonderful teacher, as well as mentor. I am honored to have been taught by her. - Maddy S. (Winter 2019)

​Francesca has been an invaluable resource, both as a teacher and an advisor. My kids have loved her classes. Although we are still in the beginning stages of the college admissions process, her knowledge and experience have been very helpful. - Kim E. (Fall 2018)

using ALL of our services:

Francesca and her team are incredibly knowledgeable and helpful in navigating the college process. So much has changed since we went to college and she has all the inside information and insight to help us make informed decisions. From where to apply, to how, to essay writing and test prep, 2 of my children have benefitted so far and the third has already begun the process. Highly recommend the boot camp. My teenager came back from a 2 day boot camp excited to speak to me about all he had learned and accomplished toward his applications...and he never speaks to us. And as for the SAT prep, when my 3rd could not attend the group prep sessions, they offered 1:1 prep at our convenience. Highly recommend Access Success to anyone looking at college. Vanessa G. (Summer 2023)

I wanted to update you on [our son]. He is loving his teachers and classes at Bard so much.... He is excelling academically. Also this year they have given him a tremendous scholarship. Almost a full ride! We are thrilled for him and I just wanted to thank you for all the guidance that you offered to us. Would not have been able to do this without you. With so much gratitude!!! - Elizabeth P. (Summer 2023)

Thanks again for all your help! We never would have gotten through this process without you. And you will definitely be hearing from us again when my younger son is ready to start the journey. - Leslie R. (Spring 2023)

Thank you very much for all of the help through the college application process. I learned a lot from the 2 days together [Boot Camp] ,the paper handouts, and emails and I really appreciate that. I feel more confident with the help from you. It was definitely nice being able to submit my last application, completing 12/12 applications. I’m very excited to hear back from all the schools I’ve applied to and I will definitely keep you posted (2 for 2 so far!). Thanks again. - Ryan C. (Winter 2023)

My daughter attended the boot camp and it was a great two days. Francesca was very helpful with getting her organized and prepared to start applications process. What I like best is that even after the class ended she has continued to be very helpful and available. She is very responsive to emails and always answers all our questions. I attended the class to help with financial aid and that was very helpful as well. Francesca is very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. Highly recommend. - Tara A. (Fall 2022)

The guidance counselors at my son's school are wonderful but have so much on their plates. It was a relief to find Francesca and well worth it to have her time and expert advice on everything from the reach, target, safety schools, to overseeing his applications and essays (lord knows he doesn't want to talk to me more than he has to...but is more than willing to chat with her), to advising parents on financial aid and, more importantly, negotiating financial aid (yes, there is wiggle room). When you consider the investment that college is, it is worth it to pay an expert like Francesca to help you understand the process and your options in order to make the right decisions. Plus, she is a pleasure to work with...reasonable, flexible, friendly. I highly recommend her and her services. - Samantha B. (Fall 2022)

When we hit an unexpected bump in our college application process, we met with Francesca Morrissey, shared our predicament, and asked for guidance. Because of her relationships with college admission reps and her familiarity with so many schools, she was able to speak to us immediately about our options and gave us a list of colleges that would match what we were looking for. Note, that almost all college application deadlines had passed at this point. She went out of her way to contact an Admissions Representative to share our story. Within a week, our daughter had spoken with the Admissions Rep, scheduled a tour, met with Admissions who expedited her application process, and received her acceptance to the school! We had found the perfect school for our daughter! Thanks to Francesca, and her expertise, we were able to resolve a very stressful situation quickly and with such positive results. We are so grateful for the services Francesca provides and recommend using her services to anyone with a high school student who plans on attending college. - Jen L. (Spring 2022)

Francesca is an excellent resource in our community for all aspects of the college admission process. She has provided insightful counseling, academic course load advice and assistance through picking wise college choices, writing essay, application process and financial aid advice. Thank you…your services have been greatly appreciated. - Erin M. (Summer 2021)

Our kids are triplets and we were totally overwhelmed by the college application experience. We had heard about Francesca from other parents who had had a great experience with her. Our three did the boot camp late summer of their junior year (rising seniors) and by the time they were back at school they were fully prepared to apply. We had a number of follow up questions during the process that Francesca answered unbelievably promptly. The whole experience lifted so much stress off our shoulders. Thanks Francesca. - Dave O. (Summer 2021)

I would give 10 stars if I could. Francesca is awesome and very knowledgeable. The seminars and boot camps are very useful. With a great track record, she walks us through the whole college application process with ease. If you are a person like me, stressed out about your kid's college and feeling completely lost, this is the place to go. Highly recommend ! - Viji R. (Summer 2021)

Well, I am pleased to say that our son successfully submitted his college applications yesterday. We are so excited to have that behind us and now the excitement begins to see where he will be accepted and ultimately choose to go. Thank you so much for your support along the way. Your knowledge was invaluable.  It is a good feeling knowing he had your guidance through the process. Our initial meeting, SAT prep and Boot Camp were all so very helpful. - Stephanie C. (Fall 2020)

A must do for any high school family planning for college! Francesca’s insights and expertise are invaluable. During our initial consultation, she explained the “college process” from the perspective of both the student and parent. While college planning can seem overwhelming at times, Francesca guided us along the way in an engaging, responsive, and comprehensive manner. Plus, the diversity of parent and student workshops were invaluable. We would recommend Access Success to any family looking for an advantage when it comes to college planning and prep. - Chip & Brenda W. (Spring 2020)

Francesca really knows this business! During our first conversation, Francesca offered excellent ideas on how to focus on which colleges our son should consider as well as personalized pointers on getting in. We attended seminars explaining the application, admittance, and financing processes, each of which served us well. We were happy to have Francesca's help and have just made an appointment for a strategy session for our second son. Great! - Michael C. (Summer 2019)

Our family cannot say enough great things about Francesca and Access Success. Not only did the classes provide valuable information, but individual sessions have been incredibly helpful. She has been an amazing resource for all things college-related and has been beyond supportive and responsive. Our two very different kids both appreciate how she has found that balance with being able to relate to them while still being straightforward and not "sugar-coating" things. We highly recommend using her services for any and all stages of the college admissions process! - Dawna L. (Winter 2019)

​We have attended 3 programs with Access Success. I highly recommend their services. Francesca is a wealth of information and extremely helpful in guiding parents and students through all facets of the college search and application process. Our son just attended the college boot camp program and this class is phenomenal! - Gabrielle B. (Summer 2019)

our small group SAT Prep:

I just want to share how happy we are with the program you offer. [Our son] says it's the fastest 5 hours ever and he really feels like he's learned so much, especially with the English portion (that is his weakness). - Vanessa G. (Winter 2022)

[Our daughter] has come home saying how much she has learned and is feeling more confident about taking the test. - Trisha A. (Winter 2022)


our Informational Workshops & Seminars:

I highly recommend the services at Access Success. We have taken three classes so far and I am so amazed by the wealth of information that Francesca has to share. There are classes available to guide you through every step of the college search and application process. Our son just completed the college boot camp course and I am beyond pleased with the results. - Gabrielle B. (Summer 2019)

Francesca is a wealth of knowledge regarding anything related to college admissions. I have attended several of her workshops and have always come away having learned valuable information. She has gone through the process with her own children, and keeps up with changes in order to be able to provide up to date and accurate information. She is always willing to answer questions and quickly responds to emails. I wholeheartedly recommend her services. - Nicole S. (Fall 2018)


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