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Consulting & Tutoring Services and Fees

Academic Tutoring: $60/hr

Our Counselor is available for academic tutoring in all high school English, history and creative writing courses. She also provides tutoring in all subjects for children in grades K-8. Additionally, we can refer students and parents to several tutors who specialize in math, sciences, social sciences and languages. The rates for these tutors may vary.

Secondary School Admissions Assistance: $60/hr

We're available to assist with private independent school searches, applications and all related activities such as preparing for the SSATs and interviews. Students we've worked with in the past have gained admissions to Canterbury, Rumsey Hall, The Gunnery, Chase Collegiate, Westover, Wooster, Northfield Mount Hermon, Trinity Pawling, Williston Northampton, Miss Hall's, and many more.

Course Selection Assistance: $75/hr

Recommended for students in grades 8-11 and their parents as students prepare to advance to the next grade. All classes are not created equally. Understanding the difference between what's required for graduation and what colleges want to see on a transcript can help students meet with later college admissions success.

Initial College Consultation: $125 

This appointment runs 90 minutes and is strongly recommended for 9th-11th graders and their parent(s). During this first meeting, the student will be provided with a Guidebook to the College Process that includes several glossaries, a to-do list for students in grades 9-11, a timeline for seniors, and specific information related to extracurricular activities, financial aid, scholarships, and standardized tests. Our consultant will walk you through the college process, explaining how and why the choices you make in high school will impact your college opportunities. Parent and student questions will be answered.

In-Person College Counseling: $75/hr

These one hour appointments are recommended for those needing to discuss specific college process issues and application details. Typical topics of discussion include: guidance in selecting 9th-12th grade classes; transcript reviews for 11th & 12th graders; assessment of 11th & 12th graders' ability to realistically gain admission to specific colleges; advice on how to use Naviance effectively; college suggestions/recommendations based on students' scholastic and extracurricular records; aid in finding and applying for scholarships; in-person essay, resume and application reviews; mock interviews; assistance with online financial aid forms.

Online Essay & Resume Reviews: $60/hr

Using Google docs, our College Counselor is able to proofread and edit students' essays and resumes remotely. This is a particularly popular option for procrastinators, as our Counselor can typically turn around an essay or resume review within a few hours of notification. All changes are made as recommendations to either be accepted or rejected by the student so that the student maintains control of his/her work.

Online Common Application Reviews: $60/hr

In 2017, the Common App made it possible for individual students to invite anyone of their choosing to access their application in the role of "Advisor." This allows our Counselor to check not only for content, but for typos, as well. You'd be surprised to learn how often she finds a student's name and address inputted incorrectly! Please note that Advisors do not have access to individual college's supplements and questions and will not be able to proofread these unless meeting with the student in-person (at the In-Person College Counseling rate).

Immediate Email, Phone* & Text Consultations: $75/month

Parents often need and/or want assistance immediately when it comes to certain aspects of the college application process. For example, when filling out financial aid applications, parents often email or text questions while working on a particular form.  This service was created to assist those students, parents, and families who may want the added security of having a Counselor "on-call" to them at a specific point in the admissions process. For example, a parent might find this useful when working on financial aid forms in the month of October or November; a student might find it helpful when meeting application deadlines in December and January.

On Campus College Visits: $30/person

Our Counselor visits a minimum of 12 colleges/universities per year and often takes high school sophomores, juniors and seniors with her. This benefits the student in many ways: the drive provides the student with one-on-one time with the Counselor, students are often introduced to Admissions Reps who will be reading their applications, are invited to sit-in on classes, are given the opportunity to interview, and/or are offered application fee waivers.

Tour with a College Ambassador: $30/family

​Independent College Counseling has worked with students in the past who are currently undergrads at a variety of schools and would be happy to meet with you and show you around campus when you're in their area. The advantages to this are many, including hearing the good, the bad and the ugly as these students do NOT work for the Admissions Office. They are at liberty to tell you exactly what you need to know and can show you areas of the campus that may be of particular interest to you and may not be included in the sanctioned campus tour. Typically these meetings last 90 minutes; the $30 fee is paid directly to the college student. This service is currently available at: Eastern Connecticut State University, Marist, Boston University, Brown, Brandeis, Purdue, Villanova, Catholic, Tufts, Fordham, Hampshire, Drexel, Elon, Ohio Wesleyan, University of South Carolina, University of Vermont, and Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). If you are heading to any of these schools and would like to avail yourself of this service, please contact us so that we may provide you with the appropriate college student's contact information.

College Essay Writing Workshop: $50/student

Held several times between June and October, this workshop provides students with the do's and don'ts of writing a standout college application essay. During this 2 hour workshop, we identify the purpose of the essay, examine the characteristics of great and not-so-great essays, review the Common App prompts, discuss the perfect opening sentence, and brainstorm individual essay topics. The cost of this workshop includes proofreading and editing of each student's final draft via Google docs.+

Informational Seminars: $30/adult (no cost for students)

Several times throughout the calendar year, our Consultant hosts seminars related to Financial Aid and the Scholarship search process. These 90 minute slideshow presentations offer a wealth of information and are followed by a Q&A period. All participants are provided with materials that include resource lists of all online sources cited and referenced.

English Standardized Test Prep: $90
It is not uncommon that our students increase their SAT English scores by 60-120 points after tutoring with our Counselor for a minimum of six, 90-minute sessions. Test prep is available for the PSAT, SAT, English Literature SAT Subject Test, and the ACT, as well as for the AP English Language & Composition and AP English Literature exams. Test prep appointments are scheduled at a mutually convenient time for the student and Counselor. There are no minimum number of appointments required.

*Phone consultations cannot exceed 15 minutes at a single time and are limited to 4 calls throughout the month; calls in excess of this are subject to the $60/hr consulting rate.

+In the event the draft submitted does not meet the counselor's criteria for a final draft, the student and parent will be notified and will have the opportunity to purchase additional essay editing services, in which case, additional fees may apply (see Online Essay Reviews above).