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   Student Resume Starter Questionnaire

    1. Prior to high school did you participate in or accomplish something of either great significance or something that would     be considered rare/unusual for someone so young?        Yes        No

    2. Which of the following were you involved with during your high school years  

     clubs                                                         sports                                               hobbies                                  theater

     music                                                        voice                                                instrument                            dance

     recital                                                       performance                                fund raiser                             volunteerism

     community service                             advocacy                                        internship                             work experience     

     leadership opportunity                     student government                study abroad                         travel

     contests                                                    other activities:                                                                                                      

   3. Did you receive any awards, honors, acknowledgments, medals, ribbons, citations, honorable mentions for any of the          above?          Yes        No

   4. Did you break any previously held records?        Yes        No

   5. Using your answers above, put together a detailed list (printed, not hand written!) of all the “extras” you've participated    in over the past 3-4 years; include activities you're continuing with or just starting in your senior year. Be specific,                  especially when you're describing something that has a title no one outside of your school would understand.  Your                descriptions should answer these basic questions: who, what, where, when, why, how.  You should specify “when” with        either dates or by grade (9th, 10th, 11th, 12th).